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Houston Cox, part of the MORRISROE Group of Companies, is a leading specialist carpentry and joinery company.

Summer plan poster for hot weather conditions and how to stay hydrated based on design of toolbox documentation

Houstox Cox Tool box
Houstox Cox Tool box
Houstox Cox Tool box

We at Houston Cox have continued to utilise Pyrus Services for all of our graphics design requirements. Elisavet describes how her work could implement the goals we sought, and helped us understand the issues inherent in each step of the design process. We work extensively on various documents finding the right balance and impact after making edits to first design concepts. The final results always encompasses our hopes in graphic form. Elisavet is an artistic and gifted professional who can assist any business in developing an identity. I would highly recommend Elisavet for her work, responsiveness, value, and ability to implement her client’s goals while also explaining a complex and new environment to those unfamiliar with the artistic realm.

Tobi Spooner-Green
Head of HSEQ
Houston Cox and Kingscote Construction